Elevating Toilet Paper

Wake Forest University Campaign Events

Hargrove Experience​


Creative Strategy, Graphic Design, Presentation Design, Art Direction

How might we celebrate success in a way that is uniquely Wake Forest?



Wake Forest University wanted to celebrate a historic $2 billion dollar fundraising campaign, Wake Will Lead, with a donor gala, campus-wide picnic, and Nationwide Roadshow, and raise awareness for their initiative, A Call for Conversation. As a Creative Strategist with Hargrove Experience, I collaborated to propose a design solution.


This project incorporated a diverse set of target audiences and venues, requiring a cohesive visitor flow and consistent experience design.


Spatial and graphic design across each event employs toilet paper as a visual device, inspired by a universally beloved WFU tradition "Rolling the Quad" to evoke a sense of nostalgia and pride in attendees.



Each event's attendee journey leverages the Growth Loop Model (Celebrate, Elevate, Activate, Grow).

Celebrate the achievements of the Wake Will campaign.

Elevate the donors, alumni, and students who personify the heart and soul of WFU.

Activate a movement to carry the WFU spirit and leadership forward nationally.



Alongside proving out the importance of design research, this experience encouraged me not to ignore my ideas, even if they seem 'out there' at first.


When I first came up with toilet paper as a visual device, I doubted my team would go for it. Au contraire, it ended up being a great talking point with both Hargrove and the client, who voiced that our proposal was full of, "ideas he wished he'd had."

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