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Celonis World Tour


Art Director​, Design and Experience Lead



Experience Strategy 

Graphic Design

3D Design

Art Direction


Process-mining wizards, Celonis, needed a twelve-part global event series that gave their audience a taste of what makes Celonis Celonis, a brand identity that was fresh and evolving. 


We partnered to translate that brand into an experience, helping Celonis spread the word about their game-changing solution and build a core following of believers in its potential. 

A consistent attendee journey, spirit of revolution, and theme of anti-waste ensured the events across the US, Europe, and Asia felt connected.

Design, messaging and color were dialed back to the essential, channeling the ethos and confidence of Celonis' time-saving solutions.

We commisioned local artists for live, evolving art installations, inviting attendees to slow down and appreciate the process.

The event series helped build and excite a global following in the power of the technology, setting the foundation for Celonis World Tours to come.

"This was the first time I've really felt 'seen' (by an agency)."
- Celonis' Chief of Design

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