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Mediating Conflict

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Exhibition Design 

What if disputed land could be activated to build empathy, alleviate hostility, and inspire compromise?


McMillan Park was once used as a park space, filled with a diverse community. Decommissioned and fenced off since WWII, the 26-acre site stands in the middle of staggering gentrification in NW Washington, DC, and is the focus of an ongoing battle between developers, community activists, and city officials. 


PLACE uses placemaking to transform the site into an interactive exhibit, designed as a conduit for resolution that inspires a path forward for the community through the power of play, story, and collective action.

Leveraging the unique qualities of the space, the exhibit encourages observation of the park and appreciation for its history. Multiple levels of experience engage physically and mentally, while first person narratives accentuate the human side of the debate. 

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