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Celebrating 60

NCMA 60th Anniversary Celebration

Hargrove Experience


Creative Strategy, Graphic Design, Art Direction

How might we make a timeline display feel more immersive?

NCMA_Graphics copy-08.png


The National Contract Management Association needed an engaging timeline exhibit to enhance their 60th Anniversary Celebration, an event designed to honor members and what they’ve achieved together.



The exhibit's content was being sourced from members across the country in a variety of mediums, and the location of the event was yet to be established, so the design and concept needed to be fixed, yet flexible.


Building off NCMA’s main message, Connecting to Create What’s Next, the exhibit immerses attendees in 60 years of NCMA connections.

NCMA_Graphics copy_EXTERIOR PANEL-06.png


Freestanding peds highlight important milestones, activating the event space and attracting attendees to the timeline display. Quotes put the spotlight on NCMA members, and a video featuring NCMA leadership inspires attendees about all they've accomplished.


As attendees enter the timeline, angled panels pique curiosity, inviting them to physically step into each decade to learn more about what NCMA members have achieved together.

Decade panels build on the idea of connection and offer flexibility to feature a variety of sourced media -- film, audio, photography and physical artifacts.


This project was a great learning experience in creative compromise, and finding the balance between pushing clients to take chances, while also respecting their comfort zones.


When I first proposed a look and feel to our internal team, I was asked to reign it in in to something that the more traditional clients would be able to receive, and afford. I adapted the design from physical geometry and dramatic lighting to flat graphics, while maintaining the integrity of the concept and level of sophistication.

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