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Exhibiting Open

IBM at KubeCon 2021

How might we best leverage digital and physical space to convey IBM's ability to "build anywhere?"


IBM Hybrid Cloud






Graphic Design

Art Direction


IBM Hybrid Cloud’s first event since the start of the pandemic needed to convey IBM Hybrid Cloud’s open flexibility in a new way.  At the same time, IBM was trying to standardize their booth experiences, so we were working within a fixed architecture system. Designing a fresh experience with a small 20x20 ft booth space, large theater need, and socially distant audience required creative thinking and a strategic use of space.


Digital animations flow seamlessly into physical architecture, optimizing our footprint and conveying the value of IBM’s open hybrid cloud to “build anywhere.” Animated messaging, delivered through digital screens, attract our developer audience with an ASMR-esque effect.

Lines and shapes from IBM's Illustration Style connect each wall and screen in the booth through a single design gesture. The IBM Cloud gradient is used to signify connection, or completion.


This project taught me the importance of engaging production, animation, and fabrication partners early. Pulling off the seamless LED to wall graphics required close collaboration between our teams at every point in the process.

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