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Manifesting Security

IBM Security Summit

How might we create a scalable experience that communicates IBM Security's core values?


IBM Security







Experience Strategy

Concept Development


IBM’s Security Summit in New York informs subsequent summits globally, as well as third party events throughout the year. The client needed to engage attendees at Summit through a series of activations that could scale and adapt to work for multiple audiences across IBM Security's global portfolio with varying budgets, footprints and languages. 


An overarching design system for the event aligned each of IBM Security's content pillars to a color, a central element of the programming, and an interactive experience.


A library of activations reflected IBM Security's key solutions and products through relatable storytelling and playful animation. With both voice-over and on-screen text, consistent screen ratios, and translatable narratives, each piece was designed for scale. 

The event bathed attendees in IBM Security 'aurora,' which signifies an aura of protection, free of fear and negativity. 





This project taught me how to work closely with clients to turn complex technological ideas into relatable narratives. It was also critical in my understanding of the challenges and rewards of producing scalable content and experience. 

The pandemic put our scalability talk to the test. With the help of a developer, we were able to adapt each activation for a virtual tradeshow environment, the IBM Security Virtual Experience, which was used as a sales progression tool for global IBM Security Summits throughout 2020.