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I'm Rachel—a strategic designer with a passion for understanding how people move through spaces, interact with each other, and experience the world around them.

what i do


where i'm at

Based in Brooklyn, tapping into the brains of attendees everywhere for XDA. Please contact me if you'd like to see a sample of recent work. In the meantime, click on the images above for a taste of what I've done and resume below to see where I've been.

why i do it

Whether tackling an exhibition or a brand, I love creating moments that inspire reflection, shift perception, and tell good stories.
With a background that crosses strategy, graphic, and 3D design, I am able to zoom out to see how each piece fits together to build cohesive experiences that resonate. While I can get lost in the minutia of an Illustrator file, I thrive in the space between idea and execution—the world of Pinterest boards and bubble plans, journey maps and brainstorm sessions. 

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