Composing Security

IBM Sounds of Security

George P Johnson Experience Marketing


Creative Strategy, Concept, Content Direction, User Flow, Copywriting

How might we use music to reveal the harmony behind IBM Security's solutions, products and people?

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At the height of pandemic screen fatigue, IBM Security needed a digital activation to engage global security practitioners at virtual events and on social media. Partnering with the creative team, Spinifex Group, and IBM Security's event marketers, I developed the narrative, content architecture, copy, and user flow.


Our digital world has led to new vulnerabilities, increasing cyber threats at a staggering pace. More threats means more alerts, more responsibility, and mounting pressure on security practitioners, who were already feeling burned out long before the pandemic. We needed a thoughtful strategy to engage our audience.


Virtual experiences that are content light, gentle on the eyes and driven by audio appeal to audiences feeling the weight of their work and screen fatigue. This increased immersion leads to deeper attention, longer dwell times and increased call to action engagement. Our experience distilled IBM Security down to its core, conveying its value with simplicity and elegance.

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An interactive digital activation that uses song to demonstrate the stability and harmony enabled by the full suite of IBM Security solutions, products and people, all working in unison to keep us safe. 

This dynamic sensory experience shows how each security offering is a part of the whole, a symphony of sounds, concert of people and solutions — beautiful when isolated, and even more impactful when composed together.

Don't take my word for it — play it yourself:

IBM Sounds of Security

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This project was a journey, and I am extremely proud of where our team ended up. The development taught me a lot about the delicate balance of respecting client needs, while maintaining the integrity of a concept and keeping user experience top of mind.