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User Testing

User Flow

Sup 2.0


Tongue tied? No worries, we gotchu. Blame your cheesy opener on us...we can handle it.

*Bumble recently unleashed a similar update, 'Convo Starters.' Go, Bumble!

Connecting #IRL.

A study of the attention economy, Tristan Harris' Time Well Spent, and ethical design practices led to a re-imagining of the dating app, Bumble, with a goal of cutting down on swiping in service of amping up in person connections.


User testing and existing user flow charts established two key sticking points in the app—beginning conversations and planning and scheduling dates. Updates ease interactions and incentivize in person connections through conversation starters, activity statuses, and availability calendars. 

What's the Buzz?

See what the buzz is about in your honeys' lives, or create some buzz of your own. 

Going on a bike ride? Let you honeys know.


We know you're busy. Let your honeys know when you're free with our availability calendar and make scheduling dates pain-free.*

*You can opt out of Bumble-Cal. If you want to remain elusive and mysterious, we won't stop you.

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